Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Perfume or Parfum? I prefer to call Parfum as it is more suitable for me. Why so? I will answer it later on yea. I wish that Parfum will be mine. The reason behind this is because of chocolate based, really love that kind of chocolateyy. And for your information, i will spend my money to Starbucks at least once per month in order to smell the coffee and chocolate. I really love the Hazelnut Choc with scoops of Cream. delicious day, in short, i want that parfum.
my dream parfum
willing to pay for it once per month :)

I hope that my dream will come into reality. I cannot wait for it yet but to get it faster and even faster. haha. But, that is not my priority. You should know what is my priority right? HEHE

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